Month: May 2009

African tribe populated rest of the world

The entire human race outside Africa owes its existence to the survival of a single tribe of around 200 people who crossed the Red Sea 70,000 years ago, scientists have discovered. More on

The Earliest Pornography?

An ivory statuette of a well-endowed woman discovered in Germany suggests that humanity’s earliest art might have been of the erotic variety. Digging in a cave near Stuttgart last fall, University of Tübingen archaeologist Nicholas Conard unearthed what he says…

Het scheppingsverhaal volgens de Dineh

Julie Newdoll combineerde de scheppingsverhalen van de Dineh (voorheen Navajo) met moderne inzichten over het ontstaan van leven op aarde. The First World was Red The first world had twelve kinds of Air Spirit People, which were flying insects. Meer…