Helen Thomas: Israel should get that Hamas was chosen democratically

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Noted US journalist Helen Thomas told a Hebrew newspaper that she wonders why Israel cannot absorb the idea that the Palestinian people elected Hamas Movement democratically.

“I do not know why it is difficult for Israel to believe that the Palestinian people elected Hamas,” she told Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

Replying to a claim during the interview that Hamas was a terrorist group, she said that she is against violence, but she understands Hamas’s desire to restore what was taken from the Palestinians.

She noted that she is not against Jews but against Zionism and stressed that the Jews must give back what they took from others and is not theirs.

The US journalist added the Jews’ right to exist does not give them the right to seize other people’s land.

The journalist underlined that the Jews in the 1940′s after the end of the second world war had homelands and they should had returned to their homes without having to occupy the country of another people.